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About Us - Nikki Beach Life Style

About Us

About the Nikki Beach Lifestyle Division:

The Nikki Beach Lifestyle Division includes an exclusive branding and clothing line found at the Nikki Beach Lifestyle Boutiques, a music label and Nikki Style Magazine, a lifestyle publication produced for all of our locations.

Nikki Beach Boutiques: With glamorous, fashion forward guests in mind, Nikki Beach features stylish Lifestyle Boutiques at many of our locations worldwide. The Lifestyle Boutiques carry branded polo shirts and t-shirts, luxury designer clothing and swimwear for men and women, and towels, hats, beach bags, accessories, music and more.

Nikki Beach Music: Music lies within the core of the Nikki Beach lifestyle, and has been an essential driving force of the company since the 2001 launch of Nikki Beach Music. With many different CDs to date, Nikki Beach Music will take the listener on a journey of international sounds from chill-out beach music to afternoon lounging to heart-pumping dance beats.

Nikki Style Magazine: Nikki Style Magazine is a seasonal lifestyle publication that perfectly captures the mood, spirit and vibe of the global Nikki Beach brand—and delivers it to our jet-set customer base. This smart, luxurious magazine features Nikki Beach’s worldwide locations, stunning photography, chic fashion, insider film festival scoop and haute dining. Created by Nikki Beach, this up-to-date glossy publication targets the unique group of tastemakers who frequent Nikki Beach—from St. Barth to St. Tropez, and beyond.